Power to the people!

Ordit gives employees a hassle-free way to order food directly to their desks. Budgets and smart rules give admins peace of mind.

Ordering food to the office has never been so easy!

Kitchen to desk, pronto!

We’ve made it easy for employees to order their own meals. Just log in and order – no payment details required. We handle expense reporting in the background too, so you can enjoy your food without worrying about the boring stuff.

Built for control freaks

Company meal policies should be simple to manage – that’s why we give admins total control over budgets and “order rules”. Throw in consolidated invoices and billing and you won’t know what to do with all your spare time!

How does it work?

One solution

Ordit puts all your company food delivery orders in one place. We can deliver office lunch, individual meals, company catering, and even stock up your kitchen cupboards!

Powerful Admin

Set allowances, manage users and office locations, view company spending, and control billing. Don’t worry – we’ll take care of expenses and invoicing.

Hundreds of restaurants

Discover hundreds of local restaurants and cuisines. Our partners can handle large meal orders and even event catering, so whatever your team’s hungry for – you’ll find it.

Dedicated support

We know office food can get complicated, so our friendly team is on hand to help. We can recommend restaurants, check up on orders and handle bespoke requests – just ask!

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