Partner with us and our corporate clients

Our Customers Want Your Food!

Grow your business and become a favourite food choice with our corporate clients. We introduce you to them and work with you to give them the best food experience.

Grow your business the smart way

Every restaurant and food partner needs to grow their brand with new customers the right way. We work with you to provide regular orders that fit with your operations and economics so you can grow with us.

Access New Customers

Joining Ordit means access to many corporate customers. We grow together so that you can experience larger, more regular and higher quality orders both scheduled and on demand!

More Revenue

On average, our partner restaurants see a 30% increase in their average order value when they join Ordit. Bigger customers means bigger orders!

Great Service

We know you’re busy, so we take care of the customer for you and manage all the delivery ourselves so you can focus on providing great food!

Powerful Tech

We make handling corporate orders as seamless as possible. Our order management APIs are powerful and flexible, integrating with your current systems.
Getting started

Send us your menu

We’ll set up your page, upload your menu and start sending orders your way. It takes 2 days from start to finish and there is no setup fee.

You cook, we deliver

We’ll send you orders and fulfill your delivery

The power is yours with the option to tell us how you’d like to receive orders. Whether it’s through the phone, tablet, or your POS system, with us, you have options.

We’ll send couriers and make sure your food arrives on time, every time.

Manage your restaurant with ease

You stay in control

Change your menu, update opening hours, and adjust collection times. View order history and all your billing. Just log in to our restaurant portal.

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