Recurring employee meals made easy

The easiest way to feed teams. Pick betweens dozens of lunch options from our daily changing menu!  We’ll deliver all your individual lunch boxes to your office at the same time.

Modernise meal ordering and reimbursement

Easily set recurring budgets for employees, which are automatically expensed to your corporate account.

Easy setup

Onboard, allocate budgets, and track expenses in one place. Cover the full cost or part of your employees’ meals. 

Flexible, scalable meals

Easily scale your orders up or down to accommodate evolving headcount and budgets. Employees choose what to eat while you control the budget.

Expense with ease

All orders are combined into monthly invoices to make accounting easy. With our SAP Concut integration you can submit expenses to with just 1 click.

What is the Ordit Online Canteen?

Online Canteen is your smart alternative to traditional canteens! It’s our mission to bring teams together by delivering your individual lunch choices all at once – freshly prepared. Whether you’re a small team of 50 or manage multiple facilities with 3000+ hungry workers, the Online Canteen adjusts to your needs.

With personalized orders we meet all employees’ culinary preferences and dietary needs. That means we always have multiple vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal food options.

And don’t worry, the delivery will be contact-free, safe, and arrive just before your lunch break. Make your employees happy and fuel their productivity with tasty and stress-free lunch!

Why use Ordit?

Guaranteed on time deliveries

Track orders in real-time

Employees can track deliveries from the time the driver picks up the order until the delivery is completed.

submit expenses to SAP Concur in just 1 click

SAP Concur Integration

Empower your backend office with more control. SAP Concur integration reduces manual errors, improves compliance with set budgets, and eliminates the need to collect, scan, and itemise receipts.

Feeding your team has never been easier

Reduce stress, boost productivity, and help your employees feel valued

Employee Meals

Let your employees expense meals with ease.

Employee Benefits

Attract and retain top talent.

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