On-Demand Orders

Fast Orders Directly to Desks

A simple and fast way for hungry employees to get great food from 300+ restaurants within one hour from ordering at any time of day or the weekends. We guarantee service quality on every order or an instant refund. That’s why we are rated one of the very best in London.

Expensed meals, made simple

You give your team an allowance...

Create an allowance for teams or individuals and set the rules for how they use it. You could make it available only when they order to the office, or when they’re working out-of-hours.

No need for employees to save receipts. Meals are automatically expensed to the company account.

next generation user experience

...they order, track and eat!

Your team uses their Ordit account to order food for delivery or pickup. One tap at checkout charges it straight to the company.

They’ll know exactly when their food’s arriving with real-time tracking from restaurant to office.

Dedicated support 24/7

Your Account Manager makes it easy

Problem solver, foodie expert and technical whiz, all rolled into one. Your dedicated account manager will answer your questions, solve your food and drink-related challenges, and manage everything to make it easy for your employees to order their own meals.

They just log in and order – no payment details required. We handle expense reporting in the background too, so you can enjoy your food without worrying about the boring stuff.

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