The all-in one platform to solve food for the modern workplace


Put employee meals on repeat

Customizable employee meal program

You set the subsidy and schedule. Employees use an app to order what they want from a rotating variety of restaurants.

Flexible and scalable

You can easily scale up or down to meet fluctuating headcounts and budgets across locations. No wasting food — or money.

Easy. Really easy.

Once you are set up, Ordit takes care of all the logistics, from curating the restaurants to ordering support and delivery.

Two ways to get started with Ordit today

Connect with Sales

Want to set up a large group order or recurring meals? A member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your business and provide you with VIP support every step of the way.

Order with Self-Serve

Ready to get started now? A self-serve account is perfect for feeding a small group or providing a one-time meal for events like client meetings and team lunches.


Create an account

Complete the short form to sign up to Ordit.


Add employees

Invite team members to join your Ordit account.


Create a meal budget

Allocate one-time or recurring meal credits for employees.

Frequently asked questions

For office food delivery, you have the flexibility to organise a group order for team lunches or establish a meal programme with predefined spending limits and location restrictions. This allows employees to place orders from Ordit on their own.

Joining the Ordit platform is completely free. Your organisation will only incur charges for the meals ordered through Ordit, as you would expect.

You can begin right away by registering to access the Ordit dashboard. The sign-up process involves verifying your work email and registering a payment method to finalise your account set-up – rest assured, there will be no charges at this stage.

If your business employs more than 30 people, feel free to reach out to our sales team to help get you set up for more custom needs.

A meal programme can be tailored to suit your business requirements by establishing usage rules around time, day, item restrictions, spending limits, locations, and beyond.

Absolutely. The meal programmes via the Ordit dashboard offer extensive customisation. You can create numerous programmes to tailor specifically to different locations and set spending limits as required.

Ordit’s food delivery service is suitable for businesses of all sizes, catering to office needs efficiently.

To kick off a group order, simply choose a restaurant and hit the ‘Group Order’ button. From there, tailor your settings, add participants, and place your orders. For further information, please visit this page.

As an Ordit customer, you and all your employees get access to our top-rated, premium support service, available 24/7. You can contact our Support team via live chat or in-app support.

Ordit is deeply committed to enhancing our sustainability efforts through a series of proactive initiatives:

Multi-modal Delivery: Our couriers are encouraged to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport, including walking, cycling, scooting, or driving electric vehicles. We’re working closely with various partners to improve access to green transportation options for our delivery personnel.

Group Orders: We offer the ability for Ordit users to consolidate their orders with peers, facilitating the sharing of a single delivery for meals from the same eatery. This approach not only boosts delivery efficiency but also significantly cuts down on unnecessary travel and emissions.

Utensil Opt-In: In our quest to diminish plastic waste, we have changed our policy to provide utensils and straws only upon request. This measure ensures that these items are only used when absolutely necessary.

Neighbourhood Pick-Up: For those looking to stretch their legs, Ordit features a pick-up map showcasing a variety of local restaurants. This option allows our customers to conveniently walk and collect their orders, fostering a more sustainable and community-oriented approach to meal collection.