Food benefits keep employees happy

Attract and retain top talent

Increase employee engagement and morale by creating a food benefit they’ll love. Use Ordit for recurring or on-demand meals.

A benefit your employees will love


Free delivery & reduced service fees. No meal prep required.

Save time

Employees can focus on their work, instead of preparing meals.

Boost productivity

3 out of 4 employees say food rewards would make them more productive.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Expensed Meals

Easily set recurring or one-time budgets for employees, which are automatically expensed to your corporate account.

Increase job satisfaction

Boost employee engagement and morale

Reward employees for their hard work with a benefit they’ll love. 85% of employees said regular food delivery would increase their job satisfaction.

Enjoy unlimited £0 delivery and reduced service fees

Save your employees time and money

Ordit users save an average of £3-4 on every order with free delivery on group orders and get access to nearby restaurants.

Get started with Ordit's corporate solutions

We’ll help you create a custom food plan that works for your company.