Farmacy: Nutritonally curated seasonal & local produce delivered

Challenge the Assumptions of Modern Eating

Farmacy is a plant-based organic restaurant serving nutritionally curated seasonal & local produce, free from additives & chemicals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help raise consciousness around food. We are part of a community promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is a movement that promotes plant-based, organic eating and a chemical-free approach to increase health and wellness for both us and the planet.

Our Story

EVERYTHING we grow, make and serve is transformational. Organically and biodynamically prepared between the soil and the sun, it’s a place for those passionate about taste, provenance and ‘living food’ recipes that are good for human health and sustainability.

Our Farm

We have our own Demeter certified plot of land in Kent, where we grow Biodynamic vegetables, fruits and herbs, which are delivered weekly to the Notting Hill restaurant by electric van.

The Farm provides our community with an innovative restaurant concept, making the bond between the farm and the plate a crucial part of Farmacy’s storytelling and restoring a grounded sense of connection in urban areas by bringing people into the cycle of nature. 


Biodynamic farming is a sustainable and holistic approach to agriculture acting in respect for nature and its elements and in full harmony with its cycles from micro to macro, highlighting that every ingredient is part of a bigger whole. Combining the concept of healing and farming and connecting soil quality with human health.